Girls of Glitter Gulch - Las Vegas, NV

Club Information

Address: 20 E. Fremont
Phone: 702-385-4774
Cover: NONE
Drink Minimum: Two (2) drinks at $6-$8 a piece
Hours: 24 hours
Type of Club: Topless
Dance prices: Table $20, VIP $25-$30
Dancer Notes: $40 stage fee

Club Review

Located across from Golden Nugget on Fremont Street, you need to park somewhere else and walk down the little boardwalk there to get to this place. They are currently advertising no cover but you do have to buy 2 mini-drinks at $6 to $8 each. The club is also open 24 hours now.

When you walk into this place there is a souvenior counter where you can buy assorted Glitter Gulch products like t-shirts. Once through a second doorway, on your right is a long runway strip of a stage with 3 poles. There are booth-like benches all the way around the club. There are also several smaller stages on the other side of the bar. It looks like the club has been lightly remodeled recently. There's a semi VIP area towards the back right corner of the club where the girls charge more for dances, but it still isn't completely private.

The girls mostly range from 5's to 7's, a bit older during the day, with a sprinkling of quite a few younger lookers throughout the night shift. The girls with the wrist bands are over 18 but under 21. Goldie Star, the feature entertainer, when she's not touring, also works here.

Hustle is still the key word here. The dancers on stage gyrate around but don't really get into any type of special stage performance, since the stage is a fairly narrow. Sitting at stage and tipping usually gets you the best action at this club. Stage courtesy by other dancers is also minimal here as other dancers will approach you for laps while you're sitting at the rail tipping girls on stage. The $20 private dances are very mild in contact.

Club Rating

Club Design: B- (decently sized)
Dancer Attitude: C+ (lot of hustle)
Attractiveness: B (average with some lookers)
Stage Show: C (light gyrations)
Lap Dance: C (very mild laps)