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Club Information

  1. Address: 4416 Paradise Road (Click Here for Map)
  2. Phone: 702-734-7990
  3. Cover: $10, Nevada ID get in for FREE
  4. Hours: open until 6am
  5. Type of Club: Topless
  6. Food/Drink: Full Bar, Wine List, Flambe' Dinner Service
  7. Dancer Notes: house fee of 10% to 15% of earnings + tipout (min $45)

Club Review

[TOP 5]

General Manager Dennis DeGori, since stepping in back in October 1997, has really brought this club to the next level of gentleman's clubs in Las Vegas.

One of the most beautiful clubs in Las Vegas. Located right across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino, this place exudes class. The quick hint here if you're a tourist is to buy your entry ticket from a cabbie which will only cost you $5 instead of the usual $10. If you're staying across the street at the Hard Rock or any other hotel, ask your concierge, he may have free passes. If you're a local, show your local ID and get in for free (you then receive a black UnCover card which you can use to get in, however, in order to get the local's "2 of 1 drink privledges" on well and domestics, you still need to present your Nevada ID to the main bartender).

Once you get past the pay booth, as you enter this place, you'll notice a bar to your right and a stage almost right next to you. On busy nights, there's always a gal dancing there. The bathrooms are to your left and straight across the way, you'll be able to see the Cristal Room enclosed in opaque glass. Also across the way to your right, you'll see the big main stage with two pillars in the backdrop. It's a fairly large club and there's seating with comfortable chairs and couches throughout.

A maitre'd will ask you if you'd like to be seated or would prefer the bar area. If he seats you, whether it be at the stage or a table, a tip is most likely expected- although not required. Remember, this is Las Vegas, when you take care of someone, they take care of you.

This is a topless club so there is plenty of house and top shelf alcohols served here. This place is also cigar friendly and sells some top line Macanudo cigars. A new feature that Club Paradise has added is gourmet dinner service. They have hired Executive Chef Matt Tryba for a unique flambe' style dining experience. For starters, the the Scampi ($9.75) makes a wonderful appetizer. The Lobster Bisque ($6.50), served flaming, is utterly delicious if you like rich soups. If salad is more your style, the Caesar Salad ($7.50) is tasty. If you like Pasta, the Linguini Scampi ($19.50) with large shrimp and light garlic sauce is scrumptious. Better yet, try the delicious Veal Marsala ($24), or the flaming Grilled Peppercorn Filet ($28). My personal favorite was the Steak Diane ($29) which had the perfect hint of dijon. Who can forget dessert? You already have the ladies, but the Cherries Jubilee ($7.50) looks and tastes spectacular. The wine selection is also decent albeit a bit pricey. Lafite '90 ($675), Latour '85 ($575), and the Haut Brion '88 ($550) are on the upper end for their bordeaux, although if you prefer Californian, you can drink Camyus '94 ($155), Sterling Merlot '95 ($42), or a wide variety of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and other whites. Dinner is served daily from 5pm. Reservations are suggested, although walk-ins are okay based on availability.

The dancers are pretty much consistantly gorgeous here, however quality drops during the slow season only to pick up again during convention season. They range from 7-9's with at least a 10 or two when the pace is fast, but there are a few 5 or 6's thrown in during slow season. The attitudes of the dancers varies from friendly to fairly frigid. Roxy LeRoux, Penthouse Pet and feature entertainer, dances here when she's not touring. Some other dancers of note are Tiffany Sloan and Bobbie Paulson, both Playboy Playmates.

The stage shows are good, and the overall stage presence during regular dancer sets is not bad although they can do better. There is no pole so acrobatics is not too much of an issue. Also, the stage is really really high, so when you're sitting at the rail, your head is perpetually tilted upwards. In a nude club that may be fine, but this got old after awhile. From Wednesday to Saturday, at 11pm, midnight, and 1am, half a dozen of Club Paradise's best come out in full showgirl gear and perform to Viva Las Vegas. Fully choreographed, this is so very Las Vegas.

Lap wise, the gals are pretty much mild contact. That is, unless you find a few of the cheaters. Lap dances are $20, but the girls may ask for more in the upper couch areas or VIP room although the standard lap price is still $20. Observe before jumping in, and trust me, you will get the urge to jump in since the gals are very gorgeous. However, many will find that their mileage just wasn't very high.

But back to the Cristal (champagne/VIP) room. In order to go in there, you basically have to buy a bottle of champagne (or have dinner reservations). Simple NV White Star or Mumms will run you $100 and a bottle of Dom Perignon '90 will set you back $225. Cristal Rose is a mere $495 per bottle. Is it worth the money? If you have it, then yes, it seems like the gals get away with a little more in back, however, your mileage will vary dramatically. There's also a stage with a pole in the champagne room. Many average club-goers will not want to spend that kind of money for this type of entertainment. However, for those who prefer that extra touch of service and class, this place has your name written all over it.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: A (beautiful club)
  • Dancer Attitude: B- (really varied)
  • Attractiveness: A (incredible gals)
  • StageShow: B- (could be better)
  • Lap Dance: B- (not much contact)
  • Champagne Room: A- ($$$)
  • Dinner Service: A (great food & service)


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