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Tiffany's Gentleman's Club


Club Information

  1. Address: 3344 S. Highland Highland Rd just right of Flamingo
  2. Phone: 702-796-3600
  3. Cover: $10
  4. Hours: closes at 2am
  5. Type of Club: Nude
  6. Last Visit: 8/22/96
  7. Dancer Notes:

Club Review

Upon walking down a short corridor, the inside looks similiar to all the other clubs. Some mirror company in Vegas must be doing well. Gals ranged from 6 to 8's, but there just wasn't too many at the time I went. They may have been back in the dressing room. Live DJ. Since it was closing, I was outta there before trying any laps, but it didn't look as too many other people were getting them at this time. Will have to check back earlier in the evening on my next trip.

NEWSFLASH (9/1/96): Tiffany's is now officially CLOSED. Even though their location was close enough to the strip to garner sizeable business, apparently, it didn't work well enough. Most of their dancer's as well as their DJ have defected to the new Club Exotica.
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